What we do

What does Darujme.cz offer?

Darujme.cz is a service that provides NGOs with a simple way to start with online fundraising and donors with a simple way to donate.

How do NGOs use Darujme.cz?

The service can be used only by transparent registered organizations. Each organization that wants to use the service must undergo a registration process and sign an intermediation contract with Via Foundation. Throughout the registration, we control whether the organization complies with all obligatory requirements and issues its annual reports.

Upon a successful registration, NGO receives its own system and profile. These enable it to define its projects, campaigns or widgets (donation buttons) which are to be easily placed on its websites.

Darujme.cz then accepts donations for individual NGOs to its intermediary bank account and forwards these deducted by service costs to authorized bank accounts of the relevant NGOs in regular, mostly weekly amounts.

Every NGO always receives not only donations but also its donors´ contact details in order to make and paticularly develop and keep a contact with them. We recommend for all organizations to inform their donors about the use of the donation and its activities (if the donor does wish so). You also get a donation receipt which is a necessary requirement for using the service!

How can donors donate?

Any donor can send its donation for selected NGO through a widget on the NGO´s websites or through a link or a webpage on our portal. The donor is required to fill in its necessary personal details as part of the donation assignment, whether through our secure donation form or through a form on the NGO´s websites. Donations can be sent in one of the following supported methods of online payments:

  • payment by credit card – the payment gateway being secured by Česká spořitelna a. s.,
  • electronic payment by “quick” transfer – secured by PayU,
  • payment by instrued transfer – the donor is instrued to confirm payment in his or her online banking.

Regarding payments by cards and instrued transfers, we also support and process regular payments (standing orders).

Everything is quick, easy and secured – giving is literally a matter of a few clicks.

Donors have a new option to register through the portal Darujme.cz and thus get an online insight to its donations, request donation receipts and administer its details.

How is the service financed?

Darujme.cz is an independent noncommercial project run by NGOs for NGOs. In order to maintain a regular operation of the service, NGOs are charged with the following fees:

– regular Annual service fee,
– one-time Registration fee,
– Transaction fee of 2 % from each donation.

The fees enable our independence, scalability and effectivity. It serves to cover necessary costs, operation of the portal, processing donations and provision of ordinary support to all target groups. The fees include all bank, card payment and other similar processing fees.

Our pricing.

Larger development, educational and other activities are alternatively funded using other resources – donations and grants from cooperating companies or organizations. Development of the current Darujme.cz has been funded by the Vodafone Foundation Czech Republic. Thank you!


Whose is donation provided by donor via Darujme.cz?

From the very beginning and despite the fact that the money goes via the intermediary account of Darujme.cz, every donation belongs to the donatory NGO and the relationship arises directly between the NGO and the donor.

Who is Darujme.cz intended for?

Darujme.cz originally started as an online fundraising tool for all NGOs in the Czech Republic which accept financial means in the form of donations. Today, we offer much more. Particularly an option for ambassadors who decide to do something extra for their NGO to launch a campaign. And besides that, we provide our donors with a well arranged portal including filtering organizations based on their activities and projects to be supported with donations.

Whose are data provided by donor via Darujme.cz and who processes them?

Data provided by donor belong to the donatory NGO and are made accessible to the NGO at the admnistrative interface. Darujme.cz handles such data only for the purposes of service provision, i.e. sending confirmation e-mail or contact details in the event of any ambiguities or problems with the given donation. Our method of handling personal data is described within the Terms of Use.

Who issues a deductible Donation Receipt?

The obligation to issue Donation Receipt has the donatory NGO.

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